• November 25, 2019

Spire Law Group Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury. Piggybankblog posted on 10/25/12 Cross linked with. Case cvJBW-RML Document 36 Filed 10/25/12 Page 24 of PageID #: regulators including the Obama Administration not. Case number, cvJBW-RML They said in the NY press she slashed her throat, but that’s not what the wound description was.

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We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

Please take the necessary steps to protect yourself in the case the collapse comes prior to the Rapture. They do NOT act in the best interest of all of us, period. On information and belief, one no.12-cv-04269-jbw-fml Defendant receiving money under this Corzine-controlled syndicate is disgraced former Citigroup Chairman Defendant Vickram Pandit. The covert scheme of the Defendants was, like all such schemes based on deception, ultimately unsustainable.

While the following quotation, taken from a regulatory report, refers specifically to Countrywide, which was portrayed as a prudent, quality lender, it also applies to the business practices of all Defendants. As a result, it is no longer possible for most Americans to go to their local courthouse and look at property records to find out who the owner of their mortgage currently is.

Defendants herein include some of our leading financial institutions — institutions upon which the Plaintiffs thought they could rely, and did in fact rely upon. During this process, Defendants would collect and convert the maximum amount of money from Plaintiffs in sums according to proof.

Site Disclaimer and About John Wright. Anonymous 9 November at Restitutional damages according to proof as set forth in the applicable causes of action against defendants named therein; 6. The Defendants entered into a series of agreements between and among each other to engage in a conspiracy to violate 18 U. The Plaintiffs are entitled to the damages as alleged and described in the First Cause of Action — and as alleged above — as a direct and proximate result of this conspiracy no.12-cv-04269-jbw-rjl all Defendants to commit repeated and serial acts of conversion against these Plaintiffs as described herein.


However, Wachovia began to fail due to its lending practices, including those no.12-cv–04269-jbw-rml herein.

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Because of new laws pertaining to loan modifications combined with the insistence of the Defendants that they had a genuine interest in complying therewith and in keeping borrowers in their homes, the Plaintiffs reasonably relied on these materially false misrepresentations made by the Defendants. These Defendants regularly dragged out this process for months and months when dealing with Plaintiffs in need of loan modifications.

Many of these entities have already been personally served with summons and process of the complaint during the last six months. Merry 28 October at The complaint – which has now been fully served on thousands of the “Banksters and their Co-Conspirators” – makes it irrefutable that the epicenter of this laundering and racketeering enterprise has been and continues to be Wall Street and continues to involve the very “Banksters” located there who have repeatedly asked in the past to be “bailed out” and to be “bailed out” in the future.

Further, those Defendants that did not actively perform the acts or omissions described here did affirmatively aid and abet the other Defendants in the performance of such acts of omissions, before, during or after the fact.

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Each Plaintiff is further entitled to restitution of those amounts wrongfully converted from him or her. Negotiable instruments improperly negotiated under state and federal law, as set forth below instrumentality ; c.

The Defendants did not care, because their plan was based on insider trading — pumping for as long as they could and then dumping before the truth came out and the theft and conversion of money and assets from Plaintiffs as well as the general public were locked in.

As American citizens have become knowledgeable of the foregoing scheme, the Defendants — and each of them — have engaged in obstruction of justice, extrinsic fraud, suborning perjury, witness tampering, violations of State and Federal law, other acts chronicled as wrongful by the Office of the Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, intentional theft, destruction and misuse of American-made revolutionary technology in order to cover-up the conspiracy and without regard to the jobs, billions of dollars of Treasury money and financial benefits they were giving up.

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BLANK orchestrated the siphoning of the stolen money in direct consultation and association with terrorists, drug cartels, unsourced money entities, and United States Treasury.

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It appears these children were murdered on October 26, in reprisal for the story being released to the public. The Defendants either knew, or should have known, no later thanthat these loans were unsustainable for the lenders and the borrowers and to a certainty either knew or should have known that their fraudulent activity would result in a crash that would consume the equity invested by the Plaintiffs and all other borrowers.

The New York Genesis caes the Bankster Enterprise In addition to the detailed jurisdictional and venue oriented facts set no.12-cv-04269-ibw-rml above, the racketeering and money laundering scheme outlined in detail throughout this complaint had as its only epicenter: Finally, each Defendant herein, no.12-cv04269-jbw-rml or unnamed, did knowingly derive some form of profit or benefit from the acts and omissions described herein.

Spam Blocked 15, spam blocked by Akismet. San Francisco Flawed Audit. Yes, WE are the government, but only if we start acting like it. The conduct of the members of the Bankster enterprise, as it relates to the illegal scheme, is for the most part directed by the syndicates referenced in detail in thhe body of this first amended complaint.

By these tactics, systems, and delays, Defendants intend to and are in fact buying time as they a accept the benefits of the Ponzi scheme and conversion activities described herein, b cover up their historical conversion and Ponzi scheme, and c make it materially more expensive and difficult for the Plaintiffs to locate their stolen assets and gain recompense. At all no12-cv-04269-jbw-rml pertinent, the Plaintiffs in fact reasonably relied upon the representations made by the Defendants that they would use no.12-cv-04269-jbw–rml and rational underwriting guidelines in making mortgage loans to the consuming public and entered into mortgage loan contracts with the Defendants, all to their injury and no.12-cv-04269-jbww-rml.