• June 15, 2019

David A. Bednar . 25 Jan. , BYU-I Religion Symposium, “The Character of Christ”. Read 29 Jan. , Ricks College Symposium, “Come Unto Christ”. Can anyone explain the story which involved Bednar and a tragic car accident? How does this story make you feel? What points stood out to. Discover ideas about Light Of Christ. The Character of Christ- David A. Bednar God and Jesus Christ. Light Of ChristLds TalksLds SeminaryLds.

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I will say that the world could not understand them. Just hours before the funeral of her only child, this remarkable Relief Society president prepared and delivered a meal to the murmuring sister. The statement I quoted earlier from Elder Maxwell provides the answer to each of these powerful questions:. They do not understand what we have on chatacter, nor the character of the Savior, as delineated in the Scriptures; and yet it is one of the simplest things in the world, and the Bible, when it is understood, is one of the simplest books in the world, for, as far as it is translated correctly, it is nothing but truth, and in truth there is no mystery save to the ignorant.

And the lovely countenances and physical features bednaf these young women had been badly marred. It will lead to obedience to the requirements of the Gospel; and the few words that I may deliver to my cgrist and chrish and friends this afternoon will be with the direct view of leading them to God. It is interesting to note that the overarching and fundamental challenge to the Savior in each of these three temptations is contained in the taunting statement, ” If thou be the Son of God.

In the great intercessory prayer, offered immediately before Jesus went forth with His disciples over the brook Cedron to the Garden of Gethsemane, the Master prayed for His disciples and for all:. Indeed, the depth of suffering and compassion is chriet linked to the depth of love felt by the ministering one.

As we increasingly act in a cchrist congruent with the charact er of Christ, then perhaps we are indicating to heaven in a most powerful manner our desire for the supernal spiritual gift of char ity. I know that He lives. Without hesitation, and with a calm and most deliberate voice, our friend next said, “President Bednar, we must get in contact with the two other mothers.


My attention and the attention of the respective families now shifted to funeral arrangements and logistics. Interestingly, the additions found in the JST completely change our understanding of this event. Let me now briefly share with you two memorable experiences from my service as a stake president that highlight the relationship between our act ions and a Christlike char act er.

Jesus’ character necessarily underwrote His remarkable atonement.

“The Character of Christ” – David A. Bednar by Courtney Sandys on Prezi

I answered that I would leave immediately. After properly establishing who I was and my relationship to the victims, I was invited into two different treatment areas to identify the injured young women. In addition to the incidents we have thus far reviewed, recall how the Savior, while suffering such agony on the cross, instructed the Apostle John about caring for Jesus’ mother, Mary John He said, “There would have been no Atonement except for the character of Christ.

On the day of her daughter’s funeral, this Relief Society president from my home ward received a phone call from an irritated sister in our ward.

Maxwell presided at the training session, and on a Friday night and a Saturday morning he, the Idaho Area Presidency, and other general church officers instructed a group of approximately one hundred stake presidents. Brothers and sisters, it is important for us to recognize that Jesus in the midst of His own challenge recognized and appropriately responded to John–who was experiencing a similar but lesser challenge than that of the Savior’s.

Our friend indicated one of the young women had already been pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and that the two other young women were badly injured and presently were being transported to the regional medical center in Fayetteville.

However, the Joseph Smith Translation of Matthew 4: It was a meaningful and memorable time of spiritual enrichment, learning, and edification.

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What will this faith lead to? Her daughter had been one of the victims in the accident, and she and I had chrst several times about her desires for the funeral program.

Also noteworthy is the similarity between the words char acter and char ity–as both words contain the letters C, H, A, and R. Little did I realize that the lessons I would learn about Christlike character–lessons taught by seemingly ordinary disciples–were just beginning. Indeed we must honor our covenants and live worthily and do all that we can do to qualify for the gift; but ultimately the gift of charity possesses us–we do not posses it see Moroni 7: How was the Master able to reach outward when a lesser being would have turned inward?


What enabled Him to seek comfort and peace for those whose need was so much less than His?

This faithful woman was a single mother rearing bevnar only child–her teenage daughter. Once again the fundamental character of Christ is revealed magnificently in this tender incident. The complaining sister had a cold and did not feel well, and she basically chewed out the Relief Society president for not chadacter thoughtful or compassionate enough to arrange for meals to be delivered to her home. As individually impressive as is each of the preceding events, I believe it is the consistency of the Lord’s character across multiple episodes that is ultimately the most instructive and inspiring.

We can in mortality seek to be blessed with and develop essential elements of a Christlike character. A statement from Elder Maxwell provides the answer to each of these powerful questions:. During oof course of his teaching and testifying, Elder Maxwell made a statement that impressed me deeply and has been the recent focus for much of my studying, reflecting, and pondering.

I will take the liberty of saying to every man and woman who wishes to obtain salvation through him the Savior that looking to him, only, is not enough: Throughout His mortal ministry, and especially during the events leading up to and including the atoning sacrifice, the Savior of the world turned outward–when the natural man or woman in any chrizt us would have been self-centered and focused inward.

Indeed we must honor our covenants and live worthily and do all that we can do to qualify for the gift; but ultimately the gift of charity possesses us—we do not posses it see Moroni 7: Maxwell — taught a principle that has impressed me deeply and been the focus for much of my studying, reflecting, and pondering.

I know that He lives.