• August 13, 2019

Where Tomás Bretón’s La Verbena de la Paloma, reissued by Naïve simultaneously with this disc (see page 84), represents the best of Spanish zarzuela’s. Members of the FIU Opera Theater perform Doña Francisquita, a classic of the. WASHINGTON — “Dona Francisquita” is charming and trivial — or, if you prefer, trivial but charming. It’s a fine example of why zarzuela, a folk.

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Act 1 – A plaza in mid-nineteenth century Madrid, on Carnival eve.

Vives Doña Francisquita

At the urging of Cardona, Fernando also makes advances to Francisquita hoping to make Aurora jealous. Streams Videos All Posts.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Carnival revellers arrive and an impromptu dance is arranged Coro: Beyond a couple of extended arias and a wedding chorus, the music is less complex and extensive than that of a Rodgers and Hammerstein show. He first recorded extended excerpts some 35 years previously, and the youthful thrust of that recording is obviously xona here. Francisquita is in love with student and would-be poet, Fernando.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Webarchive template wayback links Commons category link from Wikidata. When he took the job, he extracted a promise from the board that he could present one off-the-beaten-track piece of repertory each season. Situated in Madrid in the mids, the curtain opens on carnival time. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

But not least, this is Madrid at carnival time: But at the conclusion Fernando and Francisquita are finally united and the zarzuela ends happily. All is resolved after a series of misunderstandings and machinations involving Cardona disguising himself as a woman; Aurora’s lover, Lorenzo Perez, challenging Fernando to a duel; and rumours that Fernando plans to marry Francisquita’s mother to the subsequent horror of Don Mathias.


Aurora, seeing Fernando is now obsessed with Francisquita, flounces off.

Fernando is surprised to discover that his affections are strong for both Francisquita and Aurora. Archived August 22,at the Wayback Machine. The two women finally go back into their house, and the cries francisquitaa the street sellers are heard once again.

‘Dona Francisquita’ is laudable but slight

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. At the same time, she must fend off Fernando’s father, Don Matias, who is paying court to her, ignoring the mature charms placed before him by her widowed mother. It became very popular, receiving over performances throughout the Spanish-speaking world in the years immediately following its premiere. The character roles are a delight: Aurora enrages Lorenzo by trying to push Fernando into dancing a Mazurca with her.

Fernando’s friend Cardona urges him toward Francisquita but Fernando is smitten with the actress Aurora. Don Mathias eventually realizes he is too old for Francisquita and gives his blessing to the young couple.

Zarzuela Doña Francisquita at the Gran Teatro Nacional de Lima

Against the long sunset of the second act, their slow-motion traversal of the stage becomes a haunting foreshadow of the penitential season to come. She tells him to get lost, and takes out her fury on the hapless Lorenzo.

I walked out unable to recall a single melody. Act 2 – An esplanade alongside the Madrid Canal. It was premiered at francosquita Teatro Apolo, Madrid, on October 17, Fernando’s passion for Francisquita starts to grow. He sings of being torn between the two women in a celebrated Romanza: Cardona appears disguised as a pretty woman. The fine singers are all experienced zarzuela performers, from Isabel Monar of Spain in the title role to Cecilia Diaz of Argentina as the fickle actress; from Mexican tenor Alfredo Portilla as Fernando who will be succeeded by Spanish tenor Francisqiuta Calderon in all remaining performances to Emilio Sanchez as his best friend, Cardona, who has a wonderful scene in drag as a buxom man-hunter.

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Doña Francisquita, zarzuela in 3… | Details | AllMusic

Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music. Fending off dlna male admirers, he regrets thinking up such an idiotic ploy to get close to the girls without attracting suspicion.

This in turn provokes Lorenzo to fight, but the older man easily defeats him and graciously defuses the situation Solo: Francisquuta from ” https: At this point, each character’s actions and interior motives further diverge: Francisquita pretends to accept the elderly man’s advances, hoping to make Fernando jealous.

Francisquita plays along and pretends to accept his proposal, solely in order to make Fernando jealous. It’s a fine example of why zarzuela, a folk opera that has flourished in Spain for three centuries, really doesn’t translate to a non-Latino market.

Distant sounds of night revelry are heard as the night watchman does his rounds Preludio: Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Fernando resolves to make Francisquita believe he is in love with her in order to ignite the flame of jealousy in Aurora.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. With intermissions, the opera runs 3 hours and 10 minutes.