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El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente has ratings and reviews. Kewpie said: I got this in a boxed set one Christmas from my GRANDMOTHER. She knew . El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente has ratings and reviews. Candace said: Ummm I don’t even know where to start. This book was definitely a fa. El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente by Anne Rice, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The perfect example of this was the assertion of the queen that the prince was enthralled by Beauty meaning, the Prince had a hard time relinquishing Beauty to the others.

I think I’m going to have to suck up the price and buy ecopies of book raoto and 3 also. Reading this in my mid-twenties, however Roquelaure that you may be ruined for other Erotica – I was.

El Rapto De La Bella Durmiente by Rice, Anne

View all 12 comments. It is by far the most sexually surmiente novel I have ever read. While it’s tough to read, it’s essentially a flashback so as a reader, we know how he has grown from the experience. This book has a different style from the ones I usually read. Nope, the shocking nature of this tale seemed to come from it’s complete and total strangeness.

He then takes her back to his kingdom where she is basically a slave along with many others that are being groomed for nobility. I decided to wait to review this book until I had read all three books in this series. Well, there is something for all to appreciate.

El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente

Arlena Dean Rrapto Blog For: View all 7 comments. A pseudonym of Anne Rice. Without characterization, there is no character growth and no one for the reader to identify with and care about, stripping the story of any sense of purpose.

I’ve read naughty books before so how bad could this be? I don’t know if it was because I did have a hard time with how severe the slaves were tortured.


The slaves placement in society is either an honor to their obedience or a punishment for their failure to perform to expectations. There’s not much else I can say that hasn’t been said about this book.

I should also probably add – this being a trilogy – book 1 is at least for me, the better one in terms of writing and narrative flow, book 2 and 3 i distinctly remember having had a hard time getting through them, but perhaps that was because my brain was too shocked with all it had been reading and couldn’t process things properly anymore?

From bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A. This is a fantasy book, there is no consent, and no one ever gets their period or has to go to the bathroom either. She knew I collected fairy tales and their adaptations. She also has a kna Would you believe me if I said I chose this book for the plot? Other than a sleeping princess and the mention of a spindle, this has nothing to do with the fairy-tale.

But this is erotic fiction. This book, and the series was my “Ah ha” moment. I masturbated to this book probably more frequently than I have for any other book. Anne Rice’s writing was bela done and saved this book from a 1 star rating. Other than the occasional times where we learned she was scared and frankly, being beaten kind of hits that idea home already, pun completely intendedwe rarely glimpsed her perspective regarding what’s happening to her.

Spankings and various other acts that you wouldn’t necessarily dream up on xe own abound The first part was shocking and confusing for me because when I think about a prince like this one Sorry Prince Caspian for durmientf you on this one okay as I’m saying when you think of princes it should not be like ed one in this book because the prince just raped the princess and he doesn’t want the princess to have any clothes on.

Roquelare and crafted a whole new kind of story. Book ratings by Goodreads. S This is a twist blla the tale of sleeping beauty to put it mildly. After a debating with myself for awhile, I finally decided to sit down and write a recommendation for this series.


It glorified somethings I wish it didn’t. No soy tan de mente cerrada pero desde mi objetividad, este libro es un total total desacierto. However, I do find it enchantingly wicked, dark, and beyond haunting in the normal realms of fantasy and romance.

This is like Japanese Hentai in literary form. I am a big fan but this series is definitely a no-no for me.

Instead it was rather whimsical and mesmerizing. Did I mention spanking? My paper books disintegrated many years ago The Sleeping Beauty lx is Anne Rice’s official contribution to the genre not counting her other work, because you know, Anne Rice. Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree? There is ample room in literature for erotic fairy tales–especially for eroticism that reveals or revels in the darkness of human nature.

The Anne Rice Boo I had such high hopes for this, as I’m a huge fan of Rice’s other novel – and this definitely started off fantastically.

A tale in which Sleeping Beauty’s prince is more perverted than charming. For me this book helped plant seeds that later blossomed into fantasies and eventual fetishes.

It could have been a princess or an ordinary peasant girl – either way it was about a girl getting spanked a lot. This book basically picks up on the fairy tale where the Prince awakens Sleeping Beauty with a Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of