• July 2, 2019

Hexaflexagon Templates. Create your own hexaflexagons. Choose a template and follow the easy instructions to make your hexaflexagons. In her YouTube. This is the classic 3 faced hexaflexagon. This template is created to be easy to cut out, glue and fold up. This fresh design has been nicely labeled to best show . Hold the flexagon in two hands, looking down at the top face. Push three corners down and in to make three valley folds. At the same time pinch to make three.

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The Adobe Reader is available for free. Score and fold back and forth on all the solid lines. Make a Hexa-hexaflexagon —it has six faces!

Try to make the cuts very straight and accurate.

You might want to start with the pattern with numbers on each face—1, 2 and 3. If it doesn’t pop open, flatten the flexagon and try again with the other three corners. Default Title Date Random.

In this project we make a hexa-hexaflexagon—a six-sided polygon hexagon with six faces hexa.


This is the hexaflexagon with the smallest number of faces that will fold up into two flexagons with different Tuckerman state diagrams. Fold back hexafflexagon the line between the yellow 3rd and blue 4th triangles 1 and 3 —four yellow triangles 1s are together now.

Print out the hexaflexagon template.

Glue the strips together by gluing the single triangles together, back-to-back. Color the pattern template as you like with markers, colored pencils or crayons. Both variations are folded from the same template.


Square Flexagon – 4 faces. On the Equilateral triangle patterns, the ehxaflexagon lines are thicker than the lines for the individual, smaller triangles. Template for the B and C variations of the 7 faced heptahexaflexagon. Make a hexagonal box to store your hexaflexagons or give a Flexagon Boxed Set as a gift. Fold the strip back on itself matching two 6s, then two 5s, then two 4s, on like this for the entire strip nine folds.

Cut along the outside of the figure. Fold the flexagon to bring together three alternate corners of the flexagon. You can then “flex” the 3-D hexaflexagon, exposing each of four six-sided faces, one at a time. In this project we make a tri-hexaflexagon—a six-sided polygon hexagon with three faces tri. Follow hexalexagon folding instructions in the Flexagon project to assemble the flexagon. Make A 3-D Hexaflexagon. When he flexed the hexagon in a certain way, a third face was revealed.

It looks like an ordinary, two-dimensional, paper hexagon with a front and a back, but hidden inside are hexaflxagon more sides or faces that become visible by flexing the paper. Pull the 2 forward that is behind the 3. This is the hexaflexagon with the smallest number of faces where the template curls on top of itself. This flexagon is a bit more challenging than the others on this page to make due to the more complex template. Use a ruler and the empty ballpoint pen or bone folder to make an indent along the hexaflxeagon lines.


How to Make a Tri-hexaflexagon Read templzte of the templaye before starting. Read all of the directions. Create a a straight strip by folding all the red 4 triangle pairs over to face each other.

Do this for each of the 19 triangles of the hexa-hexaflexagon. The names of flexagons tell the type of polygon and the number of faces. This fresh design has been nicely labeled to best show off the mathematical properties of the flexagon. He found this to be very interesting.

Template for the D and last variation of the 7 faced heptahexaflexagons.

How to Make a Flexagon – Geometric Toys to Make – Aunt Annie’s Crafts

The Dots pattern coordinates with the dot patterns in the Geometric Solids craft project. Fold the 1 back. Choose a hexa-hexaflexagon to make.

Tape or glue the middle sections first making a snake-like figurethen tape or glue the ends together by putting hexafkexagon proper flaps under triangles.

Try to make the cuts very straight and accurate. The first flexagon he made was the tri-hexaflexagon. Score and fold back-and-forth on all the solid lines. There will be two pieces with 19 triangles each.

Your flexagon tmeplate done! All the triangles that make up a hexagon face have the same number, so color and decorate them with that in mind.