• July 3, 2019

hMailServer Step by Step Installation Guide-Free SMTP server for Microsoft articles, examples,C# Articles,c# Examples,, C#. A thorough step by step guide on installing hMailServer and setting it up on your home computer. hMailServer, an open source e-Mail server for Microsoft Windows. This part of the lab describes the steps for installing the hMailServer and then guides you.

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Enter password which you have entered during installation. Configuring IP hmailerver IP ranges are used in hMailServer to specify who should be allowed to send email through your server. Was not able to open connection. We are nothing without our users! How to Join tables and return result into view using Asp.

This is great and simple products, although you have to be carefel while setting it up so that it stays secure. Please share our page! I did setup for mine and here is what it looks like Auto-ban will ban spammers but also can ban legit IP addresses, so be aware of that.

For example, you can use the IP ranges to configure hMailServer such that only computers in your local network are allowed to use the server to send email. By default, hMailServer comes with 2 different IP ranges. Of course there are other solutions like Office and mail hosting, but maybe you like to have things under your control. Gridview insert update delete in asp net.


Double-click on the “localhost” host name to connect to the hMailServer instance running on localhost. How to Install nuget packages in asp. For this tutorial I will use localhost. hmailswrver

How to Set Up hMailServer?

In the password dialog, specify the password you specified during the installation of hMailServer – the main hMailServer administration password, and then click OK Hmaillserver hMailServer Administrator is started. You need to check Allow empty sender address legit sites sometimes use empty sender address and Allow incorrectly formatted line endings.

Save the change Specifying SMTP relayer Some internet service providers the people that offer you the internet connection block outgoing traffic on port I have also antivirus in place which scans my mail data folders and does nice job. So, we are almost at the end, but before ending I want to check my email server communication.

For an email server to work properly, it needs hmailserrver know its public name on the Internet. Overview This page describes the basics of configuring hMailServer. Choose your destination folder and click next.

How to Set Up hMailServer?

Local host name field — do not enter localhost IP address These default IP ranges should be sufficient for almost all users. There are many options to configure for every user, but this is basic configuration. In the SMTP Relayer field, enter the host name of your ISP’s email server, along with your credentials on that server in case it demands authentication.

Repeater Edit,Update,Delete in Asp. Click on the Delivery of e-mail hmailserrver. Outbound rules should be the same as inbound. In this step by step tutorial we will learn how to setup hMailServer to send emails from our local computer.


I did setup for mine and here is what it looks like. If this value has been specified is not 0the system administrator and the domain owner will be prevented from adding accounts so that the total size of all accounts exceeds this value. External to external e-mail addresses should be grayed out and checked here. The normal setup is to have one account per email address you want to be able to send and receive email from.

C string compare example. Since outgoing traffic on port 25 is required for email to work huide, you either need to convince your ISP to open up port 25 for you if it’s not openor you need to configure hMailServer to forward all email through your ISP’s email server.

An open relay is situation when a server enables mails to be sent through it to other domains on behalf of domains that do not exist on the local server. Give your valuable comments. You can help us offer even more high quality content.

Detailed documentation for all the options covered in this LAB you can find on this address — https: