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Rokugan, Creatures of Rokugan, Kami of Rokugan, and Way of the Samurai, and the Five Rings and Rokugan logos; any elements of the Legend of the Five. Way of the Samurai is a dual-system supplement for the Legend of the Five Rings Role-Playing Game, Second Edition, and Rokugan, the d20 Companion for. Way of the Samurai (Legend of the Five Rings: Oriental Adventures). Home ยท Way of L5R The Roleplaying Game 3ed (Legend of the Five Rings). Read more.

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This book introduces new skills, feats, and prestige classes for the samurai of the Great Clans. A samurai who shows undue emotion or rudeness is not only violating Courtesy but is also losing his face ondisrespecting samurwi around him and shaming himself. It seems like they are almost feats that circumvent the feat progression of the character.

Way of the Samurai (Legend of the Five Rings: Oriental Adventures) – PDF Free Download

Naturally, the warlike clans such as the Lion, Crab, and Unicorn tend to speak most often of courage – especially the Crab, who ghe face the unimaginable terrors of the Shadowlands on a daily basis. The interior art by Troy Graham. Combined with Shinsei ‘s teachings that the spirit exists where there is nothing or where actions are unclouded by emotion or thought, then the idea of striking from the spirit means to do so without emotion or perception.

A samurai who violates loyalty to his lord or clan is violating Duty, and such untrustworthy individuals are hardly worthy of the title “samurai. For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition.


Those who stray from this path will perish. Hiding like a turtle in a shell is not living at all. These virtues are held to represent the proper way in which samurai should live and serve their lords. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, The samurai kneels and makes three cuts across his belly, disemboweling himself.

A mans eyes can lie, so watch his shoulders, his belly and his breathing. Thought is slow, but spirit has no time for hesitation. A samurai who openly insults others is showing his own weakness, which is why Rokugani courtiers endlessly practice the art of the subtle and indirect insult.

Retrieved from ” http: When they cannot carry you further, you must rely on your knowledge that you can never be defeated to survive. Find out what you can do. After all, a samurai’s life belongs to his lord, not to him.

If you watch your opponent carefully, he will reveal his timing to you.

Way of the Samurai

If there is a Virtue which competes with Courage for universal acceptance, it is Duty. It is only so far that skill and technique can carry you.

A man can fool you with one, but if your mind is broad, he cannot fool you with all of them. Seppuku is a form of ritual suicide which samurai perform when they have been irretrievably dishonored. Those few Scorpion who actually believe in Bushido and try to embrace Honor within their hearts are regarded with deep suspicion and contempt by the rest of their clan, and are derisively labeled as junshin, “not of the blood.


Outside of Rokugan, katas could probably be used as inspiration for feats or class abilities.

The second sword is sideways across the chest to intercept the enemy’s cut, then swing about, using the speed samkrai his cut. The rest of the book is divided into 11 chapters, each describing dojo of various clans. Some clans take Compassion more fully to heart, however, and seek to offer guidance and help to the lower castes. Both feet are flat so you may move when you wish. He encouraged the Dragon to copy and distribute the book around the nascent Empire.

Players and DMs may also find it useful as a source of interesting new feats and abilities for any d20 System campaign.

More normally, however, permission to commit seppuku must be granted by the samurai’s daimyo, and cruel or intolerant daimyo have been known to deny seppuku and force their samurai to live with their shame. That way, when it is time to draw the blade the mind will do it automatically.

Way of the Samurai also brings “samurai paths” and kata introduced in Time of the Void, making fhe samurai advancement available in the d20 System.

Like new with only the slightest wear, many times indistinguishable from a Mint item.

To those he is responsible for, he remains fiercely true.