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Schematically, starting from the invariant nucleus, the successive stages he followedserved to conciliate and persuade a few and to confront other adversaries. There are three principal categories of deixis: In her book Enunciation: Therefore, each milestone corresponds to a new stage in the construction of political power. After us, many more will come.

Our two old traditional parties by no means deserve disdain, because if we scorn them it is because we ignore the true essence of this country. Thus, for example, in D1 the chosen adversary is reflected in the mental structures of militants the conscience of the Tupamaro youthas expressed by Mujica in the following terms: In the same discourse Mujica says: Enunciation Theory remains theoretically bound to abstract linguistic explanation, despite its consideration of extra-linguistic elements that influence the communicative event.

Mujica manages to place a Weltanschauungin the minds of his listeners, that is, a frame or paradigm for interpreting reality. Foreign Institutionalization Strategy D5, An objective discourse in which he tries to erase his subjective traces, and 2. In the background of all of his speeches an invisible script or subtext is perceived, which unifies his discursive strategies and contains moral underpinnings, an inter-subjective discourse reflective of popular language, philosophic bases of ideals and a call to action.

Steering away from structural linguistics, French Enunciation Theory and the American and English Schools of Pragmatics took their origin in philosophy of language and arose in response to the limitations of examining language as a closed abstract system. Domestic Institutionalization Strategy D4, Theoretical and Conceptual Framework. These milestones clearly emerge from his political biography and identify the moments when he earned positions of power.

This oral tradition spread to the covert language used in clandestinity by the Tupamaros 14 and to the practice of having to memorize facts instead of documenting them in writing.


The core objective of this study was to prove, through an in-depth emblematic case in political communication, how discourse analysis can contribute to the comprehension of the phenomenon of politics, while developing a theoretical approach for the analysis of other political discourse corpora.

The study comprised two stages: Data interpretation and preliminary findings. This article develops an analytical framework based on three theoretical approaches for the analysis and interpretation of a corpus of speeches.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun Kerbrat-Orecchioni.jpg

El cielo por asalto: Years later, in an interview, Mujicawould explain why he was chosen as their spokesperson Mazzeo Pepe Mujica el presidente: Nevertheless, political discourse is inter-subjective and enunciation merbrat serves to address inter-discursivity in a universe of discourse.

The second milestone is the decision adopted in by Mujica and his partisans to participate democratically and legitimately in political life by requesting the entry of the MLN-Tupamaros to the krebrat FrenteAmplio party, a historical decision conveyed in his speech at the IV MLN-Tupamaro Convention D2, The purpose of this study is to examine what valid theoretical and methodological contributions the field of linguistics can provide to the analysis of political discourse in Uruguay.

Therestricted sense analyzes the traces a speaker leaves in his utterances, whereas the extended sensegives consideration to the participants, the situation, the spatiotemporal conditions and the general conditions of message production and reception Kerbrat-Orecchioni.

Also fundamental are his family origins, the economic conditions that marked his life and the interpretative and evaluative attitudes which led him to embrace socialist thinking despite having been politically initiated at the age of twenty one within the conservative ideology of the Partido Nacional National Party and affiliated, at the age of twenty nine,with the revolutionary MLN-Tupamaros.

The struggle for power starts at the core of his political group and gradually extends outwards with time. And for being blanco I am not less of a Tupamaro, and since we belong to an organization that does not automate the minds of men, I have sufficient freedom to express our own personal way of thinking, which interprets that of so many other comrades, but not necessarily that of them all.

Rural upheavals took place as early as and paved the way towards a longstanding divide between the city and the countryside.

La subjetividad en el discurso político del presidente Mujica: la construcción de su relato

Conclusions The core objective of this study was to prove, through an in-depth emblematic case in political communication, how discourse analysis can contribute to the comprehension of the phenomenon of politics, while developing a theoretical approach for the analysis of other political discourse corpora.


He strategically appeals to the loyalty of militants who continued to support theirleaders while in prison.

Given the scarcity of revolutionary narratives and literature that provide firsthand accounts of Tupamaro history, secondary sources were consulted The invariant nucleus of values of the political discourse.

He lost the opportunity to participate in the presidential enunciaxion and was freed on November 30th.

Determining the origins and characteristics of his narrative, how it is constructed and who his interlocutors are. Atheoretical triangulation was developedto examine the multiple dimensions of the lx of study more accurately and reduce bias in interpretation.

Mujica presents himself to enuncjacion country as a guarantor of democracy. The fifth speech D5, is a foreign institutionalization strategy directed at businessmen and other international players. A chronology of historical events was prepared and matched against his climb up the political ladder.

Whenever necessary, his public speeches displayed changes in register and style: Mujica resorts to this narrative when he says: The enunciation act is at the same time a reply and an anticipated reply. This presentation of self through the ethos builds the trust required to establish the connection between speaker and audience. If Mujica fully commits his audience through the use of this first person plural deictic marker, with the second person plural he obtains the opposite effect by producing distance.

The discursive strategies Mujicausesare as follows: The para-destinatary or third man, a mere spectator outside of the game. It is worth recalling that the invariant nucleus remains stable across his discursive field.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun – Wikimedia Commons

We come from nature and are nature. Consequently, this case studycan serve as an initial step for replicability to other corpora of political speeches. The Blanco Party fought for an inclusive Uruguayan nation while it was excluded from political participation due to the domination of the Colorado Party. Enjnciacion direct communication style allowed him to build bridges with three of the most important sectors of society: