• March 18, 2020

Extract from the first chapter of the book “El poder de la vida” (The Power of Life) Acquire it here. “Psycho geometry is the study of the human being and his. La Universidad Online de Geometría Sagrada contiene decenas de horas de videos, seminarios y cursos. Aprende acerca de una amplia gama de temas como. Psico Geometría: el estudio de la geometría basado en la psicología infantil. Insegnamentimatematici e libri elementari nella prima metà dell’ Ottocento.

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If we have the vertices, we get the number of electrons in each orbital layer. This can be viewed in various spheres of mirror where the image in each one of them is repeated in all the others. Imagine a simple experiment: Though many natural forms have fractal-like structures, a mathematical fractal is an object that has at least one of the following characteristics: Also, something is said to be sacred when it is fractal, when it complies with the gnomonic principles —when the sum of each one of its parts is contained in its whole.

At first we do not see that information dancing at the level of the electron layer share music dance with the synapses of the nervous system. Phi is also found in plants in phylotaxis and in Architecture, for example, in Stonehenge, Notre Dame, the Greek Parthenon, in the Great Pyramid at Giza, and in other pyramids of Mesoamerica. The implosion creates suction, whose self-direction is the difference between being self eg death or lucid dreaming or a parasite eg priests who say that God is outside of you.


Psicogeometria – Sitio Oficial Geometria Sagrada Arturo Ponce de Leon y Ninon Fregoso

The E-mail message field is required. We can call it as we want to: Geometrically, it is built on a pentagonal base and has five golden spirals to the left and other five to the right. The road of the golden ratio enables information shape moved without loss of momentum mind. The Psychogeometry focuses on” Fractalize “or readjust the geometric geography of subtle human skins to create more harmonic inclusiveness.

Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items. The mandalas represent the symbol that is thought as the essential structure of the universe. Please enter your name. We are witnesses of a shift in the scientific conception of fundamental nature or matter.

You may send this item to up to five recipients. For example, when we smell a rose, we are not responding to the chemical substances of its perfume, but to the geometry of its molecular construction. The Geometric Group Theory —described below- shows that the different expressions of the Universe and its diverse manifestations come from the variation in the frequency, amplitude and geometry of waves, and not from their nature. In terms of perception, the duality of perception emerges after the Unity of substance The Unified Field: It finds archetypal principles symbolized by numbers and shapes, and their arithmetic and geometric relations.

Literally, when electromagnetic energy, which is chaotic, arranges in Sacred Geometry patterns, it is sucked by a vortex and creates a toroid. Two types of manifestations in civilizations derive from this world view: It relates numbers with shapes in harmonic patterns.

We have a great vertical toroid in our body whose vacuum passes through our spinal cord and its outermost part surrounds the body to the distance we reach with outstretched arms.


Spicogeometria process continues and the two newly created duplicate and form four cells, then eight, sixteen, and so on and so forth. Don’t have an account?

The sensory universe is objective for it does not depend on any kind of abstraction to exist. In a triangle, phi forms the dimensions of the great pyramid of Egypt.

Psico geometria

Any line can be divided in numerous ways, but there is only one way to divide this line infinitely inwards and outwards. Which is the dynamics and structure of life? The capacitive load arranged in geometric arrangements based autorrecurrentes phi, creates gravity.

In the end, we have just gotten closer to ourselves and the intention of sharing this global vision that can help you unify your objective and subjective realities in order to live in greater joy.

This book can be read in four ways: That is the first phase of the Octave Principle.

On the contrary, the conceptual universe is the load of experiences incorporated by our range of sensory perception which configure concepts, images, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, etc. These shells or shapes are created by nesting energy donuts or smoke rings. Whether we are conscious or not, there is a reality where things are what they are.

That is the two-dimensional view of a toroid.