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Hout-Louis – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download Hout-Louis Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download Hout-Louis Description. The son of a cathedral organist, Louis Andriessen has attracted Music, Mozart; ‘ Rosa; ’94 Zilver; ‘ Trilogie van de Laatste Dag;.

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And now for young composers in America he has become a kind of godfather of minimalism.

Louis Andriessen – Hout

La Commedia, Parts 4 and 5 Composer. Andriessen also began to gather an offbeat clique of young avant-garde composers, including Reinbert De Leeuw, Peter Schat, Misha Mengelberg and Jan andriesseh Vlijmen, figures who would dominate Dutch music for the next few decades and with whom Andriessen would write Reconstructie.

Always jumping around and playing and full of theories and humour. Sinfonia for Orbiting Spheres — excerpt Collaborative works with other artists include a series of dance projects, the full length theatre piece De Materie created with Robert Wilson for the Netherlands Opera, and three works created with Peter Greenaway. So I keep an open mind. Though a romance soon blossomed, Yanikian was initially nervous of getting too close.

What he perceived as the deadening conservatism of the Dutch new music scene led to associations with more revolutionary compositional thinkers, improvisers and rock musicians.

Rosa’s horses – suite Composer. The work is perhaps one of the composer’s most elegiac, but it is shot through with slithery orchestration and punctuated by grinding tape-loops and recorded explosions, provided by a bank of blinking electronics.


His next major piece De Tijda musical treatise on the nature of time, employing texts from Dante’s Lois Comedy and Saint Augustine, is a much more reflective piece that gathers force incrementally: Louis Andriessen born 6 June is a Dutch composer and pianist based in Amsterdam.

De Louus excerpt Composer. His composition teacher Kees van Baaren was a staunch supporter of the tone revolution that had swept Europe and under his direction Andriessen produced “some of the first serial music ever written in the Netherlands”, van Baaren says. As a young man, Andriessen wore his hair in a long, lank, hippyish manner, called himself a Marxist and campaigned vigorously against the war in Vietnam. Since his days as a radical student composer at the Hague Conservatory inhis mercurial talent has been dividing audiences and goading critics.

Dutch musical life is based around performance. Ironically, he happened to be working on a piece around the theme of death: Hojt am not important. De Volharding excerpt Composer. As well as a rigorous regime of travelling to oversee his premieres, he has recently completed a new major large-scale work, La Passione, which will be premiered at the RFH festival.

De Staat Choir 2 Composer.

Louis Andriessen

You did different things with it, but the material, the matter – and this is when the word first hit me – was the same. Impressed by Terry Riley’s minimalist work, which had recently been premiered in Holland, he began work on De Volharding, “the first minimalist piece by any Dutch composer”, he says.


He is now widely regarded as the leading composer working in the Netherlands today and is a central figure in the international new music scene. However, the impact of Andriessen’s score was undeniable: Andriessen went on to produce a number of other progressive works for the group: His musical ideas are equally stubborn and dearly held.

Perhaps his purest and most poignant work of this period, written between andis De Staat, which employs Plato’s Republic to make overtly Marxist points about the conception, production and consumption of music. Young composers explore the sound world of Louis Andriessen alongside Fraser Trainer.

June 6,Utrecht. The urgency that andrieswen characterised his career so far is in no danger of abating. De Stijl final section. He had this tremendous influence on younger musicians. Bang on a Can.

Older members of the orchestra, however, seem somewhat more appreciative of Andriessen’s intentions: Now generally regarded as the foremost contemporary Dutch composer, and the first in the Netherlands’ musical history to gain notoriety beyond its borders, he still has the power to shock and challenge: De Staat Extract Last played andriesesn. Highlights from the National Youth Orchestra Prom After the conservatory, Andriessen went to Milan to study with the serialist Luciano Berio.