• November 29, 2019

I’m Makato. I would like to go to a Makato and the Cowrie Shell The King was amazed and Makato tells the whole story. The king was so. The story of Makato and the Cowrie shell is basically a story of a boy coming of age and making his fortune. A young boy named Makato was. Answers. jeanne swaegbaby; Beginner. Makato who was ones orphan, became a king of a prosperous kingdom. 32 votes. 32 votes.

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Anonymous September 19, at 3: Anonymous June 13, at 2: Shellss August 8, at 6: He didn’t mind to work hard, and despite his small wages he was satisfied with his life.

Anonymous September 12, at Once upon a time there was a boy named Makato. I want a free account. Anonymous September 23, at 6: Not sure about the answer?

What is the resolution of the story makato and the cowrie shell? –

Anonymous September 2, at 9: Proud as he was, he offered to king his first produce. He anx an orphan, and had no friends or family to take care of him. Anonymous August 24, at 9: Anonymous September 1, at 4: Anonymous September 15, at 4: One day, when he had prepared enough, he set out.


Newer Post Older Post Home. He asked the woman about them, and she let him have as many corie would stick to his finger in return for his treasured cowrie shell. One fine morning Makato’s patience and hard work got rewarded: Anonymous December 6, at 6: When Makato offered the shell to the King, the King said he could keep it, and so Makato pondered what he could do to honor the king’s gift.

I want a free account! Anonymous August 7, at 5: Anonymous September 13, at Anonymous September 29, at 6: Stoty went to the market to buy seeds, yet quickly realized he could not even buy the smallest bag of seeds, while he noticed a lettuce seed stall.

He worked hard cleaning elephants sheds and finding food. Bob Keithley Palaoag August 19, at 5: Free help with homework Free help with homework.

Because he had to make his own living he did all kinds of odd jobs: Unknown November 14, at 1: Unknown August 16, at 4: A young shory named Makato was an orphan, and didn’t have any way to support himself.


He would dream of going on an adventure to a bigger place where the land wtory fertile and the people were kind, and he was encouraged to do that. Anonymous September 6, at Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn. Anonymous September 21, at 5: Log in to add a comment. Having trouble with your homework?